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About Me


Hi, welcome to my world!
I’m on a mission to prove that beauty is diverse and encourage my children and others like them to look at my work and be empowered, uplifted and encouraged to take pride in their black girl magic and black boy joy!

I’m Nichola and can usually be found hiding behind my iPad creating original multicultural art, representing the magic found in all the diversity colours, nationalities, ages, Sizes, abilities, religions, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

I think it’s wrong that anyone should feel like they are less than another person due to the way they look or the way they live.  I hate that it’s so hard to feel represented in a world where we are so lucky to have rich mix of diverse culture.  
My other major passion is my determination to shine a light on what it is like to live with depression.  To fall down,  and find a way to stand again.  To let others know that there is no shame in feeling broken and that there is hope for healing. 

It’s road I have travelled and really you can never really leave the path but you can draw a map and keep it safe. 
I create mental health related artwork based on my experiences in the hope that they can help, heal or comfort at least one person who may be suffering and let them know they are not alone.

Come along and please join me on my journey!
Let my work into your world and let it make you think about something, question something, learn something….anything…as long as I can make you FEEL something!

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