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Friday 20th October 2023

1pm-3pm | Earlsfield Library


Hi I’m Nichola and I am the artist behind Eclectic Gift and the creator of WomenKind, a programme designed to bring women of colour together in a shared space to connect through memories, experiences and art.

Womenkind, seeks to combat, loneliness, and isolation, low self esteem and low mood by providing a space for women to be validated, heard and to learn new skills.

Each workshop will feature a topic of discussion and participants can delve as lightly or heavily as they feel comfortable as we share our experiences and ideas around the subject matter

Colored Pencils in Pencil Holder

Participants will take the ideas from our discussion to express themselves through creating a personal piece of artwork.


We will experiment with various mediums such as pencils, charcoal, pastels, markers, watercolours & collage having lots of fun and creating connections along the way.


The finished creations will become part of an amazing exhibition celebrating the work that we have created in a space that we have made for ourselves.

​The main exhibition will be at Home Community Cafe for International Women’s Day 2024 with a digital exhibition available to view throughout the project.

Absolutely no experience is necessary and the group is open to all women of colour living in the

Borough of Wandsworth


Any and no Faith welcome!

If you have a group of 4 or more women who are interested in taking part in a WomenKind workshop outside of the advertised dates please contact me to arrange a session.


Upcoming Workshop dates: 

20th October 2023


Earlsfield Library

Magdalen Road

SW18 3NY

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