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Eclectic Gift loves...

Here I will be sharing with you some of my favourite Instagram accounts.
Those that make me laugh, those that make me cry and those that make me laugh so bloody hard!

It's always good to make new connections x

Get following playas!

Michelle is a mum on a mission!  She is a determined and talented fitness trainer that I'm proud to call a friend.  She spends her days motivating and encouraging women of all backgrounds and fitness levels to get fit and healthy.  She combines fun workouts, affordability and and completely inclusive atmosphere making it easily

the friendliest place to break a sweat in SW11 

Sally is a local mum and educator.  She is an accomplished artist and creator and her love of hip hop is the common thread throughout her work.  I love her work because of the colour, the realness, texture and sense of belonging it evokes for



Dina is a mum working to help parents raise KidCitizens.

Empowering our kids to make a positive impact on our communities and our world!


Say your mind! is created and run by the amazing grand pole master @kelechnekoff

she creates amazing content and her Affirmation cards are a MUST HAVE!

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